About Us
We are passionate about future technologies and innovation for the earth.

FutureLabs is an early-stage startup aiming to provide innovative software and business consulting solutions to the space industry.

Specifically, we perform space and earth data fusion to provide insights to the satellite communication market.

Our first service is the detailed simulation of communication constellations in earth orbit, by aggregating various supply and demand profiles.

In the future, we aim at becoming a leader in the space situational awareness sector.

What we are best at

Our Products and Services

Simulation Platform
3D simulation modelling and analysis web-based app for satcom constellations. Visualize satcom constellations including coverage, capacity and data rate metrics
We develop software that helps you answer strategic or engineering questions with innovative simulations and visualizations
Gain deeper satcom insight  
Contact-us to understand how you can use our innovative satellite intelligence platform to grow your business.
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